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Welcome to the home of Bigfoot Times

The monthly newsletter on the subject of Bigfoot, (aka Sasquatch), Yeti, Yeren, Yowie, etc.

From 1979 through 1986 I published a small newsletter called the BigfooTimes (one word). The purpose of the occasional bulletin was to inform readers of news about unknown hairy bipeds from North America and other parts of the world, in addition to related matters. It was a different world at that time, as the newsletter was produced using an electric typewriter. The BigfooTimes was stapled, double-sided white paper, 8.5" inches by 11" inches.

The April 1998 edition of the Bigfoot Times in its first year
The April 1998 edition of the Bigfoot Times in its first year

In late 1997 I purchased my first laptop computer (an IBM Thinkpad) and with the same burning enthusiasm I started to publish another newsletter, this one called the Bigfoot Times (two words). At that time there were quite a few Bigfoot bulletins that were mailed to members via the United States Postal Service. It was a crowded field, to say the least.

As the Internet started to encroach on everyone's life a lot of news about the Bigfoot subject started going on-line and Bigfoot websites became common place. And then came social media and with that the chatter on the subject became non stop. As time went on... slowly but surely the snail-mailed postal newsletter went extinct. Except for the Bigfoot Times.

As all this was going on, I quietly persisted with a four page newsletter that was as old-fashioned as they get: it is mailed to readers in an envelope. The newsletter is printed on sunburst yellow paper (shown above) and the format was booklet: 11" inches by 17" inches. As I wrote in the first edition of the Bigfoot Times. "As usual, there are no ground rules and nothing is to sacred to be discussed here." A simple formula that I still embrace. Looking back but also looking ahead I think another reason for the longevity of the Bigfoot Times is I was always willing to write what others were only thinking. It's that comment in conversation, "...tell us what you really think." Well, just go to the Bigfoot Times.

The newsletter is mailed out every month and I have been doing so since our premiere issue came out last century, in January 1998. The Bigfoot Times newsletter is over two decades old now! How's that for longevity? To better understand the depth of the newsletter, please visit the up-to-date Bigfoot Times Index maintained by Mr. George Eberhart: Feel free to inspect a back issue of the Bigfoot Times here.

Membership payments can be made by postal mail to Daniel Perez, Post Office Box 17302, Anaheim Hills, California 92817. Cost is $19.75 for residents in the USA. Rest of world: $23.75 Check, money order or cash. Or simply use PayPal (the two "Subscriptions" buttons to the right). Back issues of the newsletter are $2.50 each. (Minimum order is 5 issues). Should you have any comments, concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the editor and publisher of the Bigfoot Times. Contact information is listed on the top of this page.

The Bigfoot Times: it is where you go when you need to know! In January 2022 the Bigfoot Times celebrated 24 years of continuous publishing on this fascinating topic! Few -- if anyone -- can make that claim.

If you browse the Bigfoot Times Index you will find this newsletter has published more original news on the Patterson-Gimlin film than any other publication in the world, from a picture of the truck that made the journey to Bluff Creek, California to the name of the newspaper reporter who spoke with the late Roger Patterson several hours after the historic filming took place. Most researchers assumed the reporter was the late Andrew Genzoli but that answer proved to be completely false.

Finally, for those who have followed the fascinating 1924 tale from Ape Canyon, Washington (widely known as the Fred Beck story) I have attached a bibliography of all the sources I could find on the topic. Should you find any more sources please let me know so this source can be updated.

In addition to the Ape Canyon bibliography, I have also provided a specific bibliography on all the primary sources on the Patterson-Gimlin film. Should you know of references that are original (not rehashed material), certainly I would like to add them to my bibliography specific to the P-G film.

- Daniel Perez
Editor, Publisher Bigfoot Times