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Raincoast Sasquatch

Pages: 360

Originally Published: 2003

ISBN: 0888391439

Type: nonfiction

This is one of my favorite books as it is very clear the author spent an extraordinary amount of time on an extraordinary book, with the focus being coastal British Columbia and Alaska. The report of a sighting by a Ketchikan taxidermist in October 1992 makes fascinating reading.

“...I turned the rifle - scope power up to nine...filling the scope with the creature’s backside...I could see it was a female. The face was flat and dark-skinned; she had a broad nose with flared nostrils... she got up. She didn’t use her hands,” states the witness. He goes one, “...I could see she had a huge abdomen... she looked pregnant... I thought of squeezing the trigger a good number of times.”

The author’s level of documentation, organization, regional coverage and source notes is highly commendable. Robert Alley is calm and cool in discussion, “...the growing public awareness that ‘there is something there’ will encourage further sharing of new information and material evidence.” There is a fine chronological summary of reports in one appendix and the only real drawback to this fine book are the maps, which are too busy and cluttered.

- Daniel Perez

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