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book coverimage for The Snowman and Company by Odette Tchernine

The Snowman and Company

Pages: 174

Originally Published: 1961


Type: nonfiction

Odette Tchernine’s The Abominable Snowman may have been one of the first books ever published on the Bigfoot genre, even beating out Ivan Sanderson’s Abominable Snowmen, which also was published in 1961. The only difference being that Tchernine’s book was published in the U.K. and Sanderson’s in the U.S.A.

This rare out-of-print book is 174 pages long and includes black and white pictures, an appendix, bibliography and an index. With a foreword by the great mountaineer Eric Shipton and an acknowledgement “…to Dr. Michael Ward for contributing a good part to one of my chapters” it is clear the author went directly to the source of two of the people involved in the discovery of the famous Yeti tracks found relatively fresh in the Menlung Glacier in the Himalayas by Shipton and Ward.

In the preface of the Odette Tchernine’s book she writes, “this book is not addressed to the scientists,” but rather to “intelligent layman readers who abound in every walk of life…” She was convinced of the reality of the Abominable Snowmen and wrote, “my theory is that the Yeti exists, and has done [so] for centuries, but that he is rare.”

Of the famous Shipton tracks (one of the focal points of this book), as they have come to be known to a new generation of Bigfooters she writes, “Sen Tensing seemed to think that they were only twenty-four hours old at the most.” And based on primary sources important information is learned: “The imprint that we photographed had the impression of five definite toes,” which largely stamps out any notion the footprint was only four toed.

Tchernine’s Snowman is such a refreshing read for 1961 and thereafter anyone who picks up this work gets the impression it is one of those timeless classics. In the closing stages of her book Tchernine writes, “the fifth and final point is the strongest, and is found in the footprints of the Mending Glacier. Their character cannot be denied.” Highly recommended if you can find a copy.

- Daniel Perez

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Additional info

In 1984, Mrs.Techernine was so kind as to sign my copy of the book.
“Presented to Danny Perez - Bigfoot News - by Odette Tchernine November 1984.
This book is still out of print and is a very rare book. Odette T.”

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